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Combo CGA Online Armory Event for 1 Sept-15 Sept

Combo CGA Armoury Event for 1 Sept-15 Sept

Format: Swiss bo1, blitz deck (young hero, 40 deck, max 2 for each card)

Entry - $80 HKD

X rounds swiss (Depending on pax)

1st standing : CF Shiver x 1

2nd : RF Hero - Lexi x 1

3rd to 10th : RF x 1

All participants get 2 UL packs (WTR/ARC/MON)

Lucky draw: RF Lexi x1

Round 1 pairing to be released on 1 Sept.

(Event link will be release at 12pm, cut-off for joining @ 1:45pm)

The event will be conducted through 15days . Players can coordinate and OTOT play their rounds. Ideally each round to be completed each calendar day.(24 hours from release of pairings)

Playmat(s) will also be given out in the month end lucky draw to 1 different participant. (Each participation in each armoury will be deemed as 1 entry)

Event will be conducted through Combo Discord server.

Join through the link below:

for online event,

Please PM us via whatsapp for registration

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