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每購買4盒, 以原箱出貨


Release date: February 4, 2022Product type: Supplementary Booster Pack (Designed to expand constructed play. Not intended for booster draft or sealed deck play.)


Cards in set: 198

Set Configuration:

1 Fabled

3 Legendary

45 Majestic

61 Rares

88 Commons


Pack Configuration:

A booster display contains 24 booster packs. A booster pack contains 10 cards, being:

Premium Foil - 1 per pack (Rainbow Foil or Cold Foil)

Rare or higher - 2 per pack (1 Rare/Majestic/Legendary)

Common - 7 per pack

Flesh and Blood Booster - Everfest (EVR)

HK$800.00 一般價格

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